Building ADUs on your Property

Sometimes called Garage Conversions or Mother in Law Suites. Either way building ADUs is a popular project in Portland today. An Accessory Dwelling Unit is considered "any smaller, secondary dwelling unit which can be legally added either on the same lot or within a hours, attached house or manufactured home in residential zones".  

The benefits of building an ADU range from increasing the number of natural occurring affordable housing options to supporting multi-generational family arrangements, to generating additional household income. Whatever your goal is for your home Truepro contractors will talk you through the different possibilities for your home.

* Bump-out: if your family room is too small or you want an eat-in the kitchen or mudroom, a bump-out maybe the way to go. Bump-outs are smaller sized additions that will add space to an existing room or rooms. 

* Wing Additions: if you want to add on multiple rooms, you can consider a wing additions or in-law suite, can contain a bedroom, living area and small kitchen. This cost can be significantly less than the moving or finding alternative housing for yourself or for your parents. 

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