Home Siding Repair & Replacement

If it's time to repair or replace your home siding; the sooner the better! Dry rot is always an issue here in the pacific northwest... and if you have siding issues - you know water is going to get in. 

Exterior siding materials are made to withstand an average amount of daily wear and tear and to repel most of the ravages of weather, however no siding material is completely impervious to these factors. Damage to your siding can occur at any time. The longer that damaged siding goes untreated, the more significant the damage can become.

How Much Does Replacing Your Home Siding Cost?

In a perfect world; we could supply you with an quick equation - Take the square foot of your home, the type of siding you want to install, and then give you an estimated price for installation. Unfortunately that's just not possible, there are just far too many things to consider on a siding project without looking at the home first. To be honest - if someone gives you a quote without being at your home - that's usually not a good sign.

We at True Pro Contractors specialize in thorough, well crafted installations that will help keep your home impervious to all types of weather damage for the long term. 

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What kind of home siding is best for my home?

There are quite a few questions you need to answer first that can help you on the way... questions like:

  • Aesthetics, How do I want it to look? - There are different heights, lengths and thickness of most siding types. Longer boards mean less seems which may show with lighter colors. Thicker boards are more rigid and won't crack as easily. Taller boards mean less rows an again less seems.
  • What Materials to use?
    • Wood Siding can be made of Cedar, Spruce, Fir and Redwood. It is very versatile, easy to install and lasts well in our rainy climate, but can also be more expensive than some machined materials.
    • Vinyl Siding is manufactured using tough plastic material that is very durable and low-maintenance. It can also be a more or less affordable option than wood depending on the style and size. 
    • Machined Composites like HardiePlank siding can take on the look and feel of Wood Siding and be a bit tougher like the plastic material used to make Vinyl Siding. They come in specific colors and do not need to be repainted,

We can also repair vinyl, metal, brick, stone and stucco.

Contact us for a free inspection, we can help you pick out the siding material, get you started with the scope of the job and work with you through the entire process.

We got a quote for a full replacement for all the siding on our mid-century home after finding some dry rot. The project went fast and we've very happy. 

Mary U.

Lents, OR