Replacing Your Home Windows

Replacing windows are an easy, cost-efficient way to enhance the beauty of your homes exterior, while also lowering your energy bills and increasing your property value. We offer free consultation and are available to discuss variations, particularly which might work best for your homes structure. 

  • Double-Hung Windows - Two sashed windows that slide vertically up and down in the the frame
  • Casement Windows - hinged windows that operate by a turn of a crank
  • Awning Windows - Hinged at the top, open outward to let in air from below
  • Picture Windows - Large stationary windows that let in maximum light
  • Transom Window - Usually mounted above a door or another window to let in maximum light
  • Slider Windows - Glides along a track horizontally over or past the other window
  • Stationary Windows - Do not open, but can be very customizable

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Our new windows look fantastic, they replaced the trim and sealed everything. He explained every step to us so we knew what to expect! 


St. Johns, OR